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Light Up Your London Home: Essential Outdoor Lighting Tips

Outdoor Lighting

Summer is upon us and as the Barbeque season is in full swing and the garden parties commence, it’s time to prepare your garden for outdoor activities. One way to enhance your outdoor space and make it more inviting is by choosing the correct lighting. Below are some outdoor lighting tips for you to consider.

Take Inspiration From Inside Your Home

Your garden is an extension of your home, it’s important to carry the lighting design throughout the entire property and outdoor areas, whether that be the colour temperature of the light itself or the design of the fitting, consistency is key in creating a cohesive indoor/outdoor living space.

Less is More

When it comes to creating your outdoor lighting, don’t overdo it. Less is more. Having too many outdoor lights in a patio or seating area can make it difficult for your guests to see other areas of your garden. It is essential to plan your lighting in advance, think about the areas you would like to highlight in your garden and also be mindful of creating a warm and soothing atmosphere using subtle lighting changes. Well planned lighting can add dimension and depth to your outdoor space.

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Energy Efficiency

Rising energy costs have influenced the cost of living, therefore it’s important to be mindful of the type of lights you are installing in your outdoor space. Ultra-Efficient LED lights are available at most lighting retailers, While the initial purchase cost may seem slightly higher, the long-term benefits are undeniable. Thanks to their energy efficiency and extended lifespan, Ultra-efficient LEDs save you money on replacement bulbs and maintenance costs, ultimately resulting in significant savings over time.

Another way to reduce energy consumption and spending through your homes landscape lighting is the use of timers and dusk-dawn sensors, therefore the lights will only illuminate when it becomes dark outside. A pre-planned timer allows you to have greater control over the light you are expending and electricity you are using.

Security and Access Lighting

It is essential to consider security when creating a garden lighting plan. Outdoor security lights help to deter intruders and alert you to motion around your property. Security lights are generally installed on the exterior walls of your property, most come with an inbuilt motion sensor, this allows them to turn on automatically when it senses movement within their sensor range. Outdoor Security lights can work in cohesion with your security cameras, in order to create a clearer image of any potential intruder.

Security lighting can illuminate access routes throughout your property, making it safer for you to move freely around your garden during times of low lighting.

Access lighting is another aspect you should consider when creating a garden lighting plan, highlighting areas of your garden that could be potential hazards can ensure safe access around your outdoor space. Common access lighting types include; outdoor wall, step, ground lights, decking lights etc. The correct lighting design will ensure access lights both serve their purpose and also tie in with your other landscape lighting.

Next Steps - Make a Plan

After considering all of the above information, it’s time to make a rough plan to take to an Electrician/landscaping company. Sketch out your garden, making sure to add measurements to the sketch, the size of your garden is important in creating a lighting plan. List on the plan areas you feel would benefit from outdoor lights and work in tandem with your Electrician to make your dream garden, a reality.

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