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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Unfortunately, not the baked goods variety, digital cookies are small text files which collect information from computer users. Cookies are mainly used to improve website user experience by storing information on an internet user’s behaviours and preferences.

What information do our cookies collect?

We do not use cookies for tracking purposes. We simply use cookies to make your experience of using this website more efficient.

Can I disable cookies?

Your web browser will allow you to disable cookies. If you cannot navigate to the correct section, use the help menu.

If you do disable cookies, some of the features of this website will not function properly.

How do we protect your information?

We do not use vulnerability scanning or scanning to PCI standards. We provide only articles and information. We never ask for credit card numbers. We use regular malware scanning.


Google's advertising requirements can be summed up by Google's advertising principles. They are put in place to provide a positive experience for users.

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